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How to post a video in the Youtube Video Section

In order to post a video first you must go to the section http://campernation.com/YTVideos/
Step 1: Scroll to the bottom of the page and locate the add media section

Step 2: You must get the link for your video from the Share option on youtube. Make sure you unchecked playlist

Once you have the link simply put the url into the media url box, hit retrieve information. It will automatically pull all the info from the video (title, video, description) Simply select a category and hit save.

Donations? Why Donate?

I'm trying to keep this forum Advertisement Free. But there are cost server fees and Software License Fees and addons that cost money. Any amount is appreciated. Buying A VIP membership is a awesome way to show support as well.

How do I apply for the Campernation?

  • Make sure you have the Call of DUTY app
  • Look up either, Campernation or TheCAMPERNATION in the Find Players & Clans search bar.
  • Then hit the apply bar at the very top

How Do I Add A Signature To My Profile Post..

First you have to be a VIP member in order to add a sig. If you are a VIP member, click on your name all the way at the top, a drop down menu appears, click the one labeled Signature, You can then add a link and an image, the image must be hosted on another site, just add the link after hitting the photo button and you are done.
You can change your sig as often as you like.

How Do I Rank Up? What Are The Rankings?

Ranking up is based on member participation. Everyone starts off as a recruit and as you post on the forum and interact your ranking will climb. For a list or rankings visit the rankings page Here

How Do I Apply To Be A Moderator?

You can't. It's this simple, moderators will be added as the community grows. Moderators will be picked based on the following criteria:
  • Participation
  • Trustworthiness
  • Reliability
Basically we are watching you, so you don't have to apply.. We will come to you if we think that you would make a good mod or of the need of a new mod arises...

What are CODBucks and How Do I Earn them?

CODbucks are the virtual credits you earn by interacting on campernation.com. The following actions will earn you credits.
  • Posting a New Topic 10 Credits
  • Replying To a Topic 5 Credits
  • Having Your Post Liked 5 Credits
  • Disliking a post -3 Credits
Post with less than 30 Characters will not receive credit. So just replying "cool" or "awesome" although allowed will not earn you any CODbucks.

How Do I Get A VIP Membership?

You can earn CODBucks by posting, replying and being active on the forum. With these CODBucks you can purchase a VIP Membership in the Commissary Or you can Purchase a VIP Membership In The Account Upgrade Section.

What Is A VIP Membership?

A VIP Membership is a membership that allows you to post links, videos, and have signatures with links in them..
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