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  1. SaKenMadRaj General Of The Army

    I promised you guys a third clan and it's here. Campernation is lead by Me of course, TheCampernation Nick2Quick is the Commander and with this clan.. I currently have a second profile that my kids used as the commander. I will promote someone soon. The purpose of the clan is of course so that i can easily connect with members and also to connect others. I normally play on my SakenMadRaj profile so I like to get a person who Plays A lot to lead this as well as someone who is on my friends list.. so when I get in a party with them or nick we can invite members to the game easily. I haven't announced this in a video yet so People who are part of the community has the inside track to joining. Also coming soon.. An Elite Camping Clan.. This is already in the works and this clan will have requirements.. It's a way to connect the more competitive try hard members..

    So here it is...The new Clan.. and third installment on xbox360 is Campernations... Yes campernation with an S...
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  2. timlavigne do you even camp?

    yahhhh new clan more people and lots more fun LETS GO CAMPERNATION
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  3. Tyrino Rank: Private First Class

    Hits the post first with a Id like to join.Im not the best player but getting better. I played with dave tim sco monster n timothy lastnight we had a blast (lol ask tim about the elevator) Anyway if I get in I like to have fun learn from the best and become a better player.
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  4. timlavigne do you even camp?

    ill get on some invites xD don't worry if your from the website you get in first
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  5. Toxic Coolaid Lean till it drags

    Any chance of a PS3 clan? Right now they are all smaller clans. It would be cool to combine all the PS3 Campers.
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  6. SaKenMadRaj General Of The Army

    Ill see what i can do.. im trying to see if we can get one thats official..
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  7. timlavigne do you even camp?

    campernations is now lxl 2 xD getting up there?
  8. Toxic Coolaid Lean till it drags

    Thanks man! I know you're busy, and it is awesome to see you put your family 1st. It would seem to be a good idea to have consoles grouped together. I've had a blast getting on and playing with friends and having a good time. I had never even used my mike before. Once I roll through the killstreaks and hit the battle hind....that's usually it for the match. Have a good one, and I appreciate all you've done for the NATION
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  9. jacob Rank: Private First Class

    id like to join I am trying to get my kd up and I play a lot. I would be grateful if I could join.
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  10. jacob Rank: Private First Class

    any chance of a Xbox one clan?
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  11. Rookie Ballsboa Rank: Private First Class

    Bro, you attempt to gain world domination, right? :D
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  12. Toxic Coolaid Lean till it drags

    As of right now there are 3 spots open on The CAMPERNATION. request to get in
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  13. KingPaperChase Block General!

    That sound like the best move ever....ps3/ps4
  14. xbilly2kx Recruit

    Add me on the clan please xbilly2kx if you can?
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  15. SaKenMadRaj General Of The Army

    send tim a note he may be able to add you...
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  16. IstayinFlint Recruit

    I sent tim a message, But I'm looking to Clan up in one of the CAMP Clans. IstayinFlint is my Xbox live 360 gamertag, I'm active daily. Thanks for your time everyone, Hope to get to know you all better soon. :)
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  17. GalvanicTerror Recruit

    I'd also like to join the 3rd clan it's not very fun camping without friends. D:
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  18. KingPaperChase Block General!

    Not stepping on SaKenMadRaj and his clan. If you can't fit into his...check me out. Try his first though! If there was a campernation on Ps4...I would be in it. But there is not so I made my own clan.
    24st clan
    GT: kingpaperchase
    Level: 24
    Diamond Division
  19. Eca912 Recruit

    Sakenmadraja can u make a ps3 clan so ps3 and xbox can be apart of the fun
  20. XxStorkpoizonxX Rank: Private

    Where do i sign up?
    (im serious)

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