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  1. avp486 Rank: Specialist

    Just a thread for people to talk nonsense about their favourite movies. Despite common misconception (I can see why ;) ) my favourite movie is alien. Ever since I saw that when I was 8... Yes, it scared the sh*t out of me... But just the whole "feel" to the movie is great. From the music by goldsmith, to the directing by Ridley scott, to the alien itself. I loved aliens too, but the erieness of the first just beats it in my opinion. I liked alien 3, but was not happy with some of the decisions in that movie (no spoilers here :p). Alien res... It was ok, but compared to the first 3, complete and utter garbage. Avp came in 2004, and dispute the good comics from the late 80's and 90's did not live up to expectations. Avp-r... Less said the better. Prometheus was a letdown too. Like avp, it didn't live up to its expectations, but was ok (good visuals, good idea, Ridley scott, bad acting, and very confusing). I am also a big fan of predator, but the predator wasn't as original In my eyes compared to alien. From the design of the creature, music, setting, actors, it seemed mostly like commando with a predator in it. I also like the terminator franchise, robo cop and any stuff like that.
    To believe alien is 35 years old this year... (I'm not that old btw...)
  2. Rookie Ballsboa Rank: Private First Class

    Alien? Well... call me a poser, but I'm really proud of it, so I have to post this image of me with H.R. Giger, the "father" of the Aliens. My Ex took this photo during a photo shoot that I had with Giger:


    Here's one of the final edited results from the shooting:

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  3. avp486 Rank: Specialist

    you lucky guy... doing things i'd only dream of. good to see we have another alien fan out there though ;)
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  4. Rookie Ballsboa Rank: Private First Class

    Alien is cult! :)
  5. SaKenMadRaj General Of The Army

    Forrest Gump... I laughed, I cried.. i really enjoyed this movie ....
  6. Rookie Ballsboa Rank: Private First Class

    I really hope, everyone knows that movie with Robert De Niro:

  7. KingPaperChase Block General!

    Was it taxi driver? I remember this movie!!
  8. KingPaperChase Block General!

    My favorite action movie is HEAT, can't beat it!
  9. KingPaperChase Block General!

    How are you posting pictures? I'm on an iPad.
  10. Rookie Ballsboa Rank: Private First Class

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  11. avp486 Rank: Specialist

    hey guys, I just saw the new godzilla movie. very good. very good indeed. It was almost amazing, but I think before the end the movie ran out of steam. godzilla was probably the most akward part of the movie, unlike the old japanese ones, he wasn't interacting with the humans at all. no humans bothered him (other than one time where they tried to shoot missiles at him), and he didn't bother humans. it was almost if he wasn't half there :p good acting, good story, M.U.T.O concept turned out alright. I'd recomend you see it, and it was even better in 3D 8)
  12. nick2quick Military Police

    All About the Benjamins, is my favorite movie.
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  13. Aaron Rank: Private

    The Dark Knight is my favorite. Big time Batman fan.
  14. KingPaperChase Block General!

    I don't know how many times I watched that movie! Too funny.
  15. Rookie Ballsboa Rank: Private First Class

    The one and only...

  16. Eagle01Actual Staff Sergeant

    I realize this post is old but I still feel the need to put my two cents in. If we are talking about dark comedies, then mine is: [IMG]
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  17. Gorillasnot4211 Recruit

    Training Day is my fav flick.
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