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  1. Tactical Waiter Recruit

    Sometimes camping is better with a friend. If you are looking to hold down a certain area of a map and listen to people rage on their mics plz send a friend request whenever u get the chance.

    My psn is teh_n00b_camper (wish i could change it cuz i camp very well)

    Also it would be nice if you leave ur campernation acc name so i am familiar with who you are

  2. FDT1984 Recruit

    ill add u later FDT1984 Campernation the same
  3. FDT1984 Recruit

    were u the same guy i was talkin to on youtube?
  4. Tactical Waiter Recruit

  5. FDT1984 Recruit

    ohhh ok i got confused thought i was missing somebody lol

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