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  1. lilhandsrigg Recruit

    Sooooo, I'm slightly new to the whole camping thing on this game and was looking for some people I can team camp with and improve my games. My PSN is lilhandsrigg7 and I like sniper rifles.
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  2. vikTOWN6ix Military Police

    Welcome to Campernation! Im on xb1, but there are a lot of players here to connect with on ps3!
  3. lilhandsrigg Recruit

    I hope so because camping by yourself all the time is lonely :(
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  4. vikTOWN6ix Military Police

    Totally agree. Well, if I may suggest a word of advice to you , and to anyone that is new to the site, really... Engage in the community here; chatting with others in the chat box and in the comments of different forums. It is the best way to develop friends to team up with. A lot of people post 1 comment and don't get a response quick enough and then don't return to the site for a long time. Simply becoming a member and posting one post is not going to get you the results you may hope for.

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  5. Eagle01Actual Staff Sergeant

    Sup and welcome. Which COD games do you play?
  6. Lowkey killa Recruit

    add me im pretty experienced at camping psn:bobbleheadman1-2 and message me your name so i know its you
  7. FeedtheBeast Recruit

  8. ToXiC_Snyperz Recruit

    I can help you with that. i have two ps accounts i use for ghosts. XxSniperxX3802 and ToXiC Snyperz. I know how to camp half the maps on this game and can quickscope when i feel like it. let me know whats up bro
  9. Cystus Rank: Private

    Got xbox 360? Always curious about tatics. Sniper here
  10. ToXiC_Snyperz Recruit

    i stop using 360 after a youtuber got me spammed for camping on mw3. srry
  11. Vampette87 Recruit

    I play on PS3 I will love to go for bigger killstreaks on domination and kill confirm add me vampette1987

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