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  1. Shun9918 Recruit

    Hey guys, trying to find some people to play with on COD Black Ops 3 :). My PSN is: Shun4Real. I usually play from 8:30AM (+GMT 8)/7:30PM (Eastern Standard Time)/Midnight (UK Time) until how ever long I feel like. If you wanna join and beast and feast, shoot me a msg and friend request or reply below :)
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  2. Eagle01Actual Staff Sergeant

    Welcome to the site! There's a group of us on ps4 who could use another player in our group. Hit me up, vmortega is my psn id. Also send Kevin Pearson a msg. His id is pudgebrain.
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  3. Shun9918 Recruit

    Cool :) What time do you guys usually play?
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  4. Shun9918 Recruit

    I also sent the request :)
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  5. Eagle01Actual Staff Sergeant

    We are usually on different times but we try to party up as often as we could. I'm on before lunch time almost everyday, eastern time.
  6. Ncpheenom Rank: Private

    Hey hit me up the next time you play. I think we are already friends. I should be on tonight around 8pm central or so.
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  7. Ncpheenom Rank: Private

    Hit me up when you play. wbarstow4 is gamer tag.
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  8. Eagle01Actual Staff Sergeant

    I don't believe I have you on my list. Please send me a req.
  9. empty_seada Recruit

    can i join u guys plz i am empty_seada send me a request
  10. Eagle01Actual Staff Sergeant

    Welcome to the site. You're more than welcome to party up with us. You can send me a req. just let me know you're from this site and I'll introduce you to the some of the crew I run with from campernation.
  11. turknmaider Recruit

    Me too..im looking for hardcore campers to play hardcore team

    Sent from my SM-N900P using Tapatalk
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  12. Bigmatt519 Recruit

    Feel free to add me on PSN, Bigmatt519
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  13. Ultradork23 Recruit

    Hey I'm new to the website...looking for fellow campers on the west coast as I'm in Hawaii. I usually play hard core domination.

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