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  1. DasOttoman Recruit

    Rules for Running with Campernation A-Team on XB1

    1) We use the Basis of Campernation Rules as a Foundation, as this Community Grows, it’s getting harder and harder to know who is who. So treat everyone as you would treat any of the 4 Kings, Saken, JimmyDean, FunkTeeZee, BloodRansom & our General(s) Viktown & HuntKillTeam

    2) We are adults, We have hectic Lives, Be It Work, Family, Wives, Kids, We are here to Get Away and Relax – Bring us Drama, and It will be dealt with…Ain’t Nobody got time for that…

    3) A-Team lobbies are not “Rated G”, if you Please be aware of that fact, we are older, and will ramble on about shit… stuff that may make “Younger” players cringe…(This refers to XB1 A-Team, no one else)

    4) DO NOT LOBBY JUMP – Please, do not just jump in our lobby(s) without messaging us first. We work on a Rotational Basis, and I will be the 1st one to Jump out to get our long time members in.
    Example, you jump in say Saken, Jimmy Dean, or Funky’s Lobbies on the PS4 without knowing him or talking to them 1st, they will kick your butt out, in a New York minute, (and Most Likely Ban You) and we will do the same.

    5) A-Team games Hardcore Modes 99% of the time, unless Cool Jay sends me many beers and asks us to play Core.

    6) RESPECT our Team, if you feel disrespected by any of us; take a Convo Private with that person. If you’re not comfortable with that, feel free to contact HuntKillTeam, or Myself.

    Straight Up, I offend people easily, and while I don’t want to or mean too, I will shoot straight from the hip. Even in the Heat of the moment, that still is not ok, so based on the Above, I myself am going to “Privately” reach out to that person and attempt to make amends. Which I have now done myself, NO ONE IS ABSOLVED FROM RESPECTING OTHER Campernation Members. Disrespect will NOT BE TOLERATED.

    These are a basis/foundation of how we expect to be treated; this community that Saken has created is morphing into something huge. I am not trying to be a bigger “Richard” then many think, but I am one of the ones who will call anyone out on the carpet. Respect-

    Campernation Law Dog

    A Measure of a Man, is not how he celebrates his success, a measure of a man is how he reacts and adapts to his failures as well as the changes he makes to address them
  2. BeerdedAssassin Rank: Private

    Sounds about right to me. Looking forward to rotating in some lobbies.

  3. TheRealCoolJ Rank: Private

    There will be copious amounts of beer coming Das's way!
  4. JayWet Rank: Private

    I was told there was beer here ?
  5. DasOttoman Recruit

    Headset/Mics - If you have feedback, echo, or Gamesound loud enough to effect the gaming experience of others, we will help you work thru it, if it does not correct itself you will be muted. No slight to anyone, but lets be fair to everyone.
  6. Tyrino Rank: Private First Class

    pretty easy to read rules Otto.Im hoping to resolve my mic issues shortly maybe we can go in a one on on n look into things.
  7. DasOttoman Recruit

    Thank you Ty, I will take you up on that. ;)
    JayWet likes this.
  8. Conigs55 Recruit

    Are these forums just not being used much anymore? I'm looking for people to play hardcore with. I've been playing on my own and usually putting together parties of randomsome as I go but would love to have a consistent squad to play with. I'm 34 with a wife and kid though so I don't have a life where I can be on all the time but when I am I'd like to have some people who work together to play with
    BeerdedAssassin likes this.
  9. BeerdedAssassin Rank: Private

    Yea the forums themselves aren't used too often anymore , at least from what I have seen. Most people just use the shoutbox to communicate and hang out. There are quite a bit of active xb1 players who have moved over to the division so there are less xb1 core groups happening and those players were more he HC game type players. I normally play core modes but every now and again if I'm with people that want to play HC I'll be okay with it. GT is BeerdedAssassin if you wanna shoot me a request im usually down to play with mostly everyone. As for your schedule that's pretty much how many of the actives are, we are just people with normal lives work and families lookin to have some fun play the game and win so we all understand having a life outside CoD.


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