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  1. Eagle01Actual Staff Sergeant

    I recently posted a video in my channel listing my favorite weapons in this game. What is yours and lets discuss. I picked these weapons based mainly on my successes with them and their ease of use. Here's my list:

    1. HBRa3 Insanity
    2. Bal27 Inferno/Royalty
    3. Bal27 Obsidian Steed
    4. AK12 R.I. P.
    5. ARX 160 Hole Puncher
    6. Pytaek Loophole
    7. ASM1 Speakeasy
    8. MP11 Goliath
    9. ARX 160 Steel Bite
    10. IMR Impact

    If you haven't seen the video yet, here it is:
  2. Lone_Swifter Recruit

    1. AK-12 - Finger Trap
    2. M16 - Royalty [Sandman]
    3. MK14 - Eclipse
    4. HBRa3 - Bear Fist
    5. Pytaek - Loophole
    6. Ameli - Crafty
    7. XMG - Bacon and Eggs
    8. Lynx - Kingpin
    9. ARX-160 - Hole Puncher
    10. SN6 - Money
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  3. Eagle01Actual Staff Sergeant

    Interesting list bro. The MK14 is one of my faves in HC game modes. I never tried the Royalty M16 so I don't have an opinion on it. I never liked the Finger Trap and I thought it's one of the worst elite weapons in the game. Maybe I'm just terrible with it. You really think it's that good huh?
  4. Dirthead509 Rank: Private

    AW was frustrating for me. I was able to go on 30-40 kill games at will in core dom, but the more I tried to win other game modes the more I dropped the camping and became a strict obj style player. When playing obj, going up against the Bal-27 Inferno or ASM1 speakeasy ruined the game(neither of which I ever got in a supply drop). It pretty much forced me into using my HBRA3 insanity since it was the only gun I had that gave me a shot in a head to head matchup. I ended up going and getting diamond camo's in the AR class which forced me to place some HC with the MK-14, the eagle eye in HC was beast. My top 10 is really adjusted to me because I didn't have the speakeasy or inferno to melt with. Those 2 guns were really OP and ruined the game IMO.
    1. IMR hushed (this was my goto for blowing up lobbies, ammo regen being the dealbreaker between that and the ARX-160 Steelbite)
    2. MP11 Goliath (straight rush Dom small map class)
    3. HBR3 Insanity(when I had to go head to head with Speakeasy and Inferno's)
    4. MOR S- TheDoctor, because it was fun I worked to get Gold camo on this.
    5. ASM1 Magnitude (beat out badly by the speakeasy but still dominant gun)
    6. Bal-27 Obsidian Steed (OP just preferred the Insanity more)
    7. ARX-160 Steelbite
    8. Ak-12 R.I.P. (constantly beat out by speakeasy, inferno, insanity)
    9. Lynx Tack Driver in HC
    10. Na45-Ravanger Troll class with Danger Close, 2 semtex and a frag, Mayhem
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  5. Eagle01Actual Staff Sergeant

    Wow, your list could not have been more different than the previous two... You must be a much better player than me picking the Hushed as your #1. I stayed away from that since I can't one burst people even in HC game modes.
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  6. Dirthead509 Rank: Private

    Definitely not better, just playing differently. I had certain maps I could hold area's down and the IMR regen ammo meant I never had to leave the spot, just keep racking up kills and assists toward scorestreaks. The hushed already had the silencer and didn't need foregrip added so I added the hybrid sight for longer range and used the silencer/foregrip spot for a semtex and extra perk. The semtex was usually good for a kill when people tried to come into the area I was holding down buying me a little more time to earn scorestreaks.

    I went on a 42 killstreak with the IMR haha. I was also 52-1 that game, camping at it's finest. I held the area down tight and let my scorestreaks cycle over and over. UAV+assist/system hack+assist/bombing run/warbird+aggressor.
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  7. Lone_Swifter Recruit

    I use the Finger Trap for the Scavenger/Support Steaker class. All I have to do is hold the trigger and kill many as possible. No recoil at all, so I respect it.
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